A business accrues expenses, and it’s crucial to cover these expenses on time. Overdue expenses can result in fees and fines, or even the revocation of business licensing. When you hire a CPA as your businesses bookkeeper, you’re ensuring that your business’ bills are accounted for and paid for on time. Businesses can accrue a wide variety of billed expenses, including the following:

  • Charges for Advertising

If your businesses relies on any form of advertising, then you’ll have to account for those costs. Jarus & Co. can aid your business in paying bills for any internet, television, radio, and/or newspaper advertising.

  • Expenses Related to Vehicles/Transportation

If your company relies on transportation, you’ll accrue expenses. Whether it’s leasing cars, renting a truck to move products, or purchasing a van to get from job location to job location, we can ensure that all bills are paid on time and accounted.

  • Banking Expenses

Banks charge fees for various transactions and services. We’ll connect with your banking facilities and ensure that any costs accumulated are covered.

  • Expenses for Conventions or Events

Certain businesses often attend conventions and events in order to sell products, services, or to advertise. There are usually costs associated with joining an event – for example, any fees charged in order to rent convention space. Let Jarus & Co. prepare payments for fees associated with special events or conventions.

  • Meals and Gifts

Whether it’s a perk, a work lunch, or a gift, Jarus & Co. can account and document these business expenses appropriately.

  • Technology, Hosting, and Information Expenses

Most companies rely on some form of communication – be it phone, fax, internet, or all three. Alongside bills associated with communication may come billing for hosting a website, billing for information and data access, and other technology based expenses. Our accountant strives to make sure that these costs are paid so business can operate as usual.

  • Consultant Costs

Businesses often utilize consultants to ensure that the business is streamlined and functioning at it’s height. We can ensure that all consultant costs are paid properly and on time.

  • Educating Expenses

Employees often require specific training and education, especially in specialized fields. If your company has costs associated with education expenses, Jarus & Co. will see to it that these expenses are paid.

  • Insurances

There are a vast number of insurances that a company may need to purchase. If your company requires insurance coverage(s), we can make certain that the associated expenses are covered.

  • Legal Fees

Lawyer or attorney fees can pile up, especially for large companies, or companies working within more volatile portions of industry. Again, Jarus & Co. will stay on top of these expenses, keeping company operations legal.

  • Licensing Expenses

Costs associated with licensing or patenting can be paid and accounted for by our licensed CPA.

  • Office Supply and Furnishing Costs

Whether it’s desks and chairs, or CPUs, monitors, keyboards, and mouses, furnishing an office can be expensive. We’ll make sure that all expenses are tallied.

  • Shipping Expenses

If you produce products rather than provide services, you’ll likely have constant shipping expenses. We can create an account with your local shipping providers to ensure that your shipping expenses are paid and the process is streamlined.

  • Manufacturing Expenses

Again, if you build and sell products, you’re likely reliant on various manufacturing processes that accumulate expenses. Even printing expenses can add up. Let us make sure that your manufacturing expenses are covered.

  • Taxation

Taxation is applied to numerous products and services. Depending on your industry, you’ll be responsible for paying certain local, state, and federal taxes. Our CPA has tax accounting experience, and the right tax law knowledge to ensure that taxes are filed properly.

  • Travel Costs

If your business has national or international ties, you may have to cover various travel expenses. Let us account for billing associated with travel.