In the apparel industry our clients are manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and catalog merchants. We have provided services to apparel clients involved in a wide range of business activities: importers of baby clothes, manufacturers of swimwear and distributors of footwear.

We have been engaged to provide the forecasts and projections required for submissions to factors, banks and potential investors. We have performed financial analysis of product lines, manufacturing plants and retail facilities as part of the due diligence related to the purchase and sale of complete entities.

Our goal is to enhance the financial success of our clients business!

As you know the apparel and textile industries are drivers of the Southern California economy. Jarus & Co is CPA practice with an office in Los Angeles close to some of the nations largest apparel companies. We have served as advisors to several owner-operator led, family owned businesses driving the Los Angeles fashion industry.

Apparel industry clients include:

Clothing Designers
Textiles Makers
Clothing Boutiques

Success in the apparel industry often requires a company to pivot frequently adjusting to the ever changing tides of style in the world market. Jarus & Co’s approach is to offer one point of contact for all your financial needs. We can prepare tax returns, assist with tax planning, succession planning for family owned apparel businesses, accounting, sales force management strategies and much more.