As your cash and debt management agency, it’s our duty to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your cash and your loans. We’ll manage your funds and make sure that they’re put to good use. That means that we’ll invest any excess funds that your business is sitting on. We’ll plan for the future of your company and make sure that there are backup funds should your business come to a financial hiccup.

Our CPA knows business tax accounting!For instance, let’s say that you operate a bar/restaurant. Now, business is good, and you’re bringing in money and don’t have any outstanding expenses. It’s time to set aside and invest some of that money to ensure your financial stability in the future. Let’s pretend that you lose your liquor license for some reason. Your business will operate with many of the same costs (wages, utilities, etc.), but it will likely take a dive in revenue due to a temporary loss of clientele while you are in the process of regaining your liquor license. During this financial obstacle, you can draw on those saved funds to keep the business solvent.

In addition, we’ll monitor any outstanding debts you may have. Business loans can be a burden, and it’s our goal to aid you in paying off those debts to make your business thrive financially. Jarus & Co. is here to protect your cash and loaned money, and ensure that it is properly utilized and invested to maximize the potency of your business.

If you’re further curious about our cash and debt management services, feel free to give us a call and get in touch with our business accountant.