The world of contracting is a constant sprint. With bids, traveling, and juggling projects, there’s not much time left for accounting and business management. That’s why we offer special business management and accounting packages built specifically for our local contractors and construction firms. We understand your needs and demanding schedule, and we aim to relieve you of many of your demanding responsibilities. Moreover, we aim to save you money, as well as time. Hiring a business accountant, consultant, and manager through Jarus & Co. will save you time, and it’s our aim to save you money.

Jarus & Co Specializes in Contracter Accounting and offers full accountancy, bookkeeping, and business advisory services to General Contractors in the Orange County area. We do not only want to be your accountant, we want to be your business partner and take the hassle of accounting and cash flow management so that you can focus on growing your business! We offer a low cost fixed rate monthly packages based on your monthly revenue. And they are all very affordable.We want to grow with you! Here’s a bit more information on the services we provide: