Jarus & Co has carved a niche out for itself in the real estate industry. We are known as the go to CPA for escrow officers as we are highly familiar with both residential and commercial lending. Our founder Ryan Jarus, CPA is also a licensed as a real estate broker. While he does not actively represent buyers and sellers he has made a commitment to becoming licensed so that he can be the best CPA for escrow officers in Orange County and throughout the country. Ryan has forged relationships with some of the nations top escrow agencies and assists them with their businesses by providing several key services:

1. Entity selection for escrow companies to minimize taxes.

2. Bookkeeping for escrow companies so that they can focus on handling escrows and not bookkeeping. This includes delivery of our pre-addressed envelopes so you can “stuff receipts” for our bookkeeping staff to sift through and record in ways that maximize tax deductions.

3. Consulting on purchases of new vehicles to maximize tax deductions. Including lease vs. buy.

4. Guidance on taking a home office deduction for loan officers who work from home. We have a thorough understanding of what can and cannot be done and can guide you on how to maximize your home office deduction.

5. How to save efficiently for retirement considering all types of investments including real estate. We also offer financial planning and can help you craft a plan which allows you to sleep well at night knowing you will be able to comfortably retire without financial concerns.

6. Business coaching. As a CPA for escrow officers Ryan Jarus, CPA helps clients break down where they are spending their time and money and quantifying the return to determine where time should be spent.

7. Tax return preparation CPA for escrow officers and escrow companies. Jarus & Co is comprised of CPA’s specializing in the taxation of escrow companies and we know how to ensure you pay as little as possible come tax time. As a CPA for escrow professionals we have a checklist of items we run through to ensure no deductions are missed.

We hope you take the opportunity to have a free consultation regarding your tax situation to see how Jarus & Co can exceed your expectations. We are a CPA firm specializing in in the escrow industry and can help you take your business to the next level.