Jarus & Co has years of experience as an individual tax return CPA in Orange County. We serve a variety of clients including doctors, architects and other professionals, business owners with Schedule C, real estate investors with Schedule E, an those earning wages through W2. We assist new clients by taking a “deep dive” into their unique tax needs and ensure they are made aware of every tax deduction in order to legally minimize their tax liability. No deductions are missed! Please give us a call if you are looking for an Orange County individual tax return CPA. We would love to provide you a free consultation to assess your needs.

Individual Tax Preparation & Filing Services
Jarus & Co can help with saving money on taxes and the filing your individual tax return forms. We provide tax services for doctors, architects, business owners, sales professionals, real estate investors and more! Plus, you can get tax-savings strategies from our year-end tax planning to reduce your taxes next year.

Individual tax return CPA services include:

Personal Tax Returns – form 1040
California Personal Tax Returns – form 540
Trust Tax Returns – form 1041
Estate tax returns – form 706
Gift tax returns – form 709
Year-end tax planning to reduce taxes
State and local tax returns