Jarus & Co offers IRS representation in Orange County. As your CPA based in Irvine we are fully licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. We understand how you are feeling and can help you get through your next IRS audit. All notices can be directed to our office so you never see another letter. We have experience with small and medium sized business IRS audits and can assist your with preparing documents to represent yourself or we can take over all communications. We give “just enough” information to address the issues presented by the IRS. This is one of the many ways we add value and piece of mind for our clients in Orange County who are going through IRS audits. If you are subject to a small business IRS audit please call us for a FREE consultation by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page

Jarus & Co offers representation before the IRS and state taxing authorities at an hourly rate and also via a fixed fee paid at the time you file your return with us. The average representation engagement takes a minimum of 4 – 20 hours. An audit can take even more hours. Our fixed fee arrangement is paid at the time we file your tax return and is billed at 20% of the tax return preparation fee. For this fee if you are served any notices Jarus & Co will redirect all notices to our office and will resolve the issue to completion with no charge to you regardless of the number of hours required.

IRS & FTB Audit Links for Southern California Taxpayers involved in an Audit:
IRS Audit Info
California FTB Audit

Tax Resolution Orange County.

We offer a flat rate to our tax resolution clients. It does not matter how many certified letters we sent, how many calls we make, how many meetings we have with you! We will work at a flat rate so you know what you are getting into before we even start. Don’t get stuck working with a tax resolution firm who just keeps the bills coming with no end in sight. We are proficient at what we do and are confident at our FIXED RATE FOR TAX RESOLUTION we can handle your case quickly, professionally and get you the best possible settlement and lowest possible payment. Please fill out our contact form or give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have.

FIXED RATE TAX RESOLUTION: $2,400 NO STRINGS ATTACHED. We will take over all correspondence with the IRS or State tax authorities. We will stop the letters, stop the phone calls, stop the wage garnishments and let you get back to your life.

Do you need to STOP penalties, STOP interest, STOP levies and settle with the IRS or FTB in Orange County? Our tax resolution orange county based services ensure you have a CPA on your side who is read to fight for you. Ryan Jarus, CPA will take the time to personally understand your situation and will fight with the IRS and FTB on your behalf to reduce and eliminate all penalties and interest to the greatest legal extent. After negotiating the best possible settlement amount our firm can request payment plans spanning several years ensuring that you can easily make the payment and put tax resolution problems behind you. Tax resolution Orange County is a division of Jarus & Co and focuses on aggressively defending clients against all collection actions. As your tax resolution partner based in Irvine CA we are right around the corner and ready to help you put your tax problems behind you.

Our $2,400 fixed fee arrangement can be paid via credit card up front or on an installment basis. Please call our office or fill out the contact form below to learn more about the installment payment plan for your tax resolution orange county needs.