Realtors and real estate firms are often caught juggling too many tasks at the same time. While homes enter and exit the market, and agents are constantly bombarded with the new faces of both home buyers and sellers, it can be difficult to keep up with the financial facets of your business. Fortunately, there’s reprieve from the demands of the real estate industry. Simply outsource your accounting and bookkeeping needs to our CPA. Here at Jarus & Co., we specialize in providing CPA services for folks throughout the real estate industry. We’re proud to work with small businesses, including real estate firms, and individual independent realtors. Here’s a bit about our accounting services, our bookkeeping services, and our business advisory services (You can learn more about our full list of CPA services here.).

Accounting Services

Real estate accounting is far from simple. Let us take over the accounting aspect of your firm or practice. We can handle all accounting tasks, and customize an accounting package to fit your particular needs. So, whether you’re a freelance realtor and you need help with taxes, or you’re a full-fledged real estate firm and you need assistance compiling tax documents, our CPA can help.

Bookkeeping Services

Now, balancing the books is one further task we can take off your plate. We’ll manage your general ledger; we’ll document and track expenses and mileage that you accrue; we’ll tabulate deductions that you can claim; we can aid in tracking listings; and we can provide you with a bird’s-eye view of the performance of your business.

Business Advisory Services

If you’re looking to expand your business, mitigate losses, and maximize profits, you need our business advisory services. Individual realtors can count on us to optimize their processes and capitalize on opportunities. Real estate firms can count on us to grow their business, manage multiple agent accounts, seize tax relief opportunities, and more. Regardless of the size of your business, your best interest is our best interest. It’s our goal to make your work easy, and to find opportunities for profit and growth. With a CPA business advisor on your side, you can streamline the accounting portion of your business, and dedicate your time to the development of your pursuits.

If you’re curious about our real estate CPA services, feel free to get in touch with us, or take a closer look at our full list of accounting services. We provide a variety of accounting services for businesses throughout the Orange County area, and we work closely with startup and small businesses. Give us a try today!