Retirement planning isn’t as simple as it perhaps ought to be. With retirement investment options growing in number and changing in regulations and taxation, retirement planning can be a headache. Hiring a retirement planning financial advisor through Jarus & Co. ensures that you’re aware of your current finances, your future goals, and any shifts that occur to your investments. Our Certified Public Accountant, or CPA, can also advise you on investment opportunities that present themselves. Currently there are a wide number of retirement investments that one can make toward their future, including these most popular investment options:


Companies often reward employees with 401(k) pension investing. A 401(k) plan will slowly accumulate funds pulled from your pretax paycheck, and invest these funds in a plan that you select. Certain plans are composed of a diverse spread of mutual funds including stocks and bonds. 401(k) accounts may be obtained as traditional 401(k)s or roth 401(k)s. Roth 401(k)s pull money from your paycheck that are already taxed, and these funds can be accessed more flexibly than traditional 401(k) funds.

401(k) pensions may also be attained by self-employed individuals.


An IRA, or individual retirement arrangement, is another retirement investment option. Again, finances can be put forth toward a designated mutual fund or specific stock investments. Like 401(k)s, IRAs can be obtained as either traditional IRAs or roth IRAs. The former IRA plan isn’t taxed until funds are drawn from the account, while the latter plan means that funds are taxed prior to their investing.


SEP stands for simplified employee pension, and an SEP IRA is a form of IRA pension that may be obtained by self-employed individuals or small business owners. This simple form of IRA makes retirement investing easy for an individual investor rather than a group of investors (a company of employees, for example). Jarus & Co. specializes in providing financial advice and investment solutions for self-employed individuals and small business owners.

Health Savings Account

A health savings account provides the investor with the opportunity to invest in their future health care. Health savings accounts, or HSAs, are an ideal platform for health care investment since they aren’t taxed. HSAs can be utilized to cover a number of medical expenses, even copayments on medical procedures. Moreover, an HSA is ideal for investing because funds can be drawn from the account without penalty so long as the account holder is 65-years-old or older (the funds will be taxed if they are withdrawn in this manner). After the 65-year-old limit, the investor may even reinvest their HSA in a different account.

If you’re looking into your retirement planning, formulating your financial goals, or would like to review your current finances and accounts, you can count on your financial advisor here at Jarus & Co. Get in touch with us today to learn more, or to set up a free one hour initial consultation. We’re your local California accounting firm, and we’re here to ensure that you get the most out of your money.