Small business accounting begins with Jarus & Co.Keeping tabs on your payroll couldn’t be easier with Jarus & Co. accounting. Let us take over your payroll tasks so that you can get back to what matters most: Running your business.

Quarterly Returns, including Form 941, Form 940, and Unemployment & Withholding Tax Returns

We’ll file quarterly tax returns for your business. These forms can be complex and time-consuming to prepare. Place that burden on Jarus & Co. Our CPA accountant has the experience to process and prepare tax documents properly and on time.

W-2 Preparation at Year End & distribution to All Employees

Preparing W-2’s for your employees is required by law. Let us prepare your W-2 tax documents in your stead. We’re reliable and efficient, and we’ll be sure to provide accurate W-2’s for your employees on time.

Direct Deposit for Each Employee to a Bank of Their Choice

We can set up direct deposit so that payroll runs smoothly. These days, most employees use direct deposit when they receive a payment. We can automate your payroll so that employees are compensated instantaneously as their pay period ends.

Payroll Runs Monthly or Bi-weekly for All Employees

Depending on the structure of your payroll program, we can ensure that your employees are paid on the proper payroll run date. We’ll work with your schedule to pay employees as you deem fit.

Are you still curious about our small business payroll and accounting services? Get in touch with a Jarus & Co. representative today. We’re here to answer your questions, and we’re here to make sure that your business runs just a little bit smoother.