Jarus & Co. is your Irvine, California small business accounting firm. We provide a litany of accounting services for small businesses, including tax planning. Here’s a list of some of our included tax planning services for our small business accounting packages:

Setup Retirement Plans (SEP IRA, SIMPLE, or 401(k))small business tax planning and accounting

Let us prepare your retirement plans and packages. We can set up accounts for you and your employees, and we’ll track all tax information in correlation with those accounts. Retirement planning can be complex; let Jarus & Co. take that burden off of your shoulders.

Tax Planning Module with Tax Saving Strategies that Lower Your Tax Costs

It’s our goal to save you money. We know tax law, and we strive to utilize our tax accounting in your favor. We’ll optimize your business so that you aren’t wasting a dime on excess taxation. Let us look into tax breaks, and other tax saving strategies that can aid your business. We’ll formulate a plan to save your company money.

Annual Tax Projections for Both Corporate & Personal Returns

Knowing your taxation is a powerful tool. As your businesses progresses and changes, we can project future taxation for your business as well as for employees and your personal account. Utilize these projections to plan for upcoming tax expenses.

Tax Planning Meeting with CPA & Team to Discuss All Tax-Saving Options

We’ll meet with you and discuss our plan. Here at Jarus & Co. we value transparency and customer service. That’s why we’ve integrated tax planning meetings into our small business accounting packages. Get in touch with our accounting firm today to learn more.