As an Orange County CPA specializing in taxation we can help you with all of your tax return preparation and tax planning needs. We have experience with many complex tax issues including: Real Estate Transactions, Debt Forgiveness, Foreclosure, Rental Properties, Exchanges, Partnerships, LLC’s, Corporations, Trusts and much more. Tax return preparation is the core of our business and we support our clients with year around tax planning so that when the time comes to file your next tax return we are in a position to save you money. We prepare many business tax returns and often the legal tax savings we are able to generate outweigh the cost of our fees. Please consider us for tax return preparation and give us a call to schedule a FREE consultation or simply fill out the easy to use web form at the bottom of this page.

We prepare and file all types of business returns, including:

Schedule C – Self-employed/Independent Contractors
Form 1065 & Schedule K-1 – Partnerships & LLCs
Form 1120 – Corporations
Form 1120-S – S-Corporations
Form 990 & 990-T – Non-Profit Organizations
Form 1096 & 941 – Employer Payroll Taxes
State Income Tax Returns
State Sales Tax Returns